A course for navigating, planning, and implementing your ELA units

(...made by an actual teacher who used the program!)

Gain confidence and save time planning your ELA units. You will gain clarity on how to prioritize your ELA lessons, how to integrate other content areas into your unit, and creative ways to enhance your unit! You will walk away with a deeper understanding of the program and learn ways to make it more practical and teacher & student-friendly.


This is a fully digital, online course. There are six modules, each with at least 5 lessons. 

It is self-paced and all course content will be accessible forever!


This course is for you if you...

  • Are a teacher who’s brand new to using the program and are hiding the materials in the cupboards because you don’t know where to even start.

  • Have been using the program but haven't implemented it fully because it is too overwhelming.

  • Have been using the program confidently but want to find ways to plan more efficiently and make the content more engaging.

Lifetime Access

You'll always be able to go back and access the course in your Member's Area.

Motivation + Accountability

Collaborate with others in our community to plan and prep amazing Benchmark units.


Gain access to the members-only Facebook Group, where you can ask questions and get support.

By the end of this course,

you will learn…


  • The Ins + Outs of the Program

    You will understand all the areas of the program and you will be able to learn how you can make them work for you and your class. I'll show you strategies and give you ideas for making each part of the program more manageable and doable. 
  • Easy-to-Implement Planning Strategies

    You'll learn how to plan more efficiently using specific strategies designed to help you prioritize and save time. You will be able to determine what lessons are essential for you to teach and which ones you can skip if needed.
  • How to Set Up + Run Small Groups

    You'll learn how to create dynamite teams that work and run independently while you pull your small groups. You'll establish routines and norms, learn how to keep students accountable during centers, and you'll learn how to plan for guided reading groups.
  • The Recipe for the Perfect Anchor Chart

    You'll learn how to design the perfect chart to use to preach unit concepts, scaffold complex vocabulary and big ideas, and how to integrate social studies and science into your ELA unit using this chart.
  • How to Extend + Enhance Your Unit

    You will plan a unit extension activity that enhances and enriches student learning, while also incorporating things like project-based learning, STEM, research, and genre writing.
  • Organization + Tips

    This bonus module is designed to help you get organized! You will learn how to best organize your resources both physically and digitally.


Enrollment also comes with a members-only Facebook community where we will hold weekly Q+A sessions! Get support, collaborate with other teachers, ask questions, and HAVE FUN!

*This Facebook group bonus is available only to those who enroll in this course up until August 26. The Facebook group closes August 29, 2021.


DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with Benchmark and this course DOES NOT replace your formal training given by Benchmark Education Company. This course will not train you on how to formally implement this program.


"This made it easier for students to be successful, which is our true WHY. 

One of the best things was looking at how you can go through the teacher edition, using some of the materials they've created, to make this way more teacher-friendly..."



What's inside the course?


Put the TRS down.

You're the expert. You know the standards and you know how to teach them. Throughout this course, we will be using Benchmark as a tool and not the Bible. You will learn how to infuse your own teaching style and how to make those units YOURS! Let's have a little fun!

You've got this.

What if it's not for me after all?

This course was designed for Benchmark teachers by an actual teacher who used the program, so it is full of tips and tricks for even experienced Benchmark teachers. If you end up changing your mind about the course (we'll be sad to see you go) we have a 3-day return policy from the start day of the course.

If you need to cancel your enrollment for whatever reason, please contact us within three days of the official course start date.