Gain confidence and save time planning your Benchmark Advance units. You will gain clarity on how to prioritize your ELA lessons, how to integrate other content areas into your unit, and creative ways to enhance your unit! You will walk away with a deeper understanding of the program and learn ways to make it more practical and teacher & student-friendly.


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Learn the Ins + Outs

We will explore all the areas of the program to learn how you can make them work for you and your class. There is even an entire module dedicated to tackling small groups and guided reading!

Planning Strategies

You will learn how to plan more efficiently using specific strategies designed to help you prioritize and save time. In this process, you will determine what lessons are essential for you to teach and which ones you can skip if needed.

The Perfect Anchor Chart

Design and teach the perfect anchor chart that integrates other content areas and builds background. Your chart will introduce unit concepts and new vocabulary and will provide your students with a foundation to be successful throughout the unit.

Enhance Your Unit

Bring the unit to life! Learn how to develop an activity or project that will extend your unit concepts. This is the part where you can bring in art, writing, group work, student research, STEM, and so much more! 

"This made it easier for students to be successful, which is our true WHY. 

One of the best things was looking at how you can go through the teacher edition, using some of the materials they've created, to make this way more teacher-friendly..."



Put the TRS down.

You're the expert. You know the standards and you know how to teach them. Throughout this course, we will be using Benchmark as a tool and not the Bible. You will learn how to infuse your own teaching style and how to make those units YOURS! Let's have a little fun!

You've got this.



Six Weeks of Live Q+A Sessions with Toluca Inside the Private Facebook Group for Members Only

For six weeks, you will have access to a private, pop-up Facebook Group that consists of other teachers taking the course with you. Plan and collaborate with other teachers who are in the same boat as you, and use Toluca as a resource!